In order to encourage talented young musicians, a Music prize is presented annually on occasion of each Lions Europa Forum. During the Europa Forum a competition will be organized to identify the winner of the annual prize. The selected instrument, that is to be played in the competition, changes yearly.  

A. Participants:   

  1. Candidates must have their 24th birthday in the year of the competition or later. 
  2. Participants should have been resident in the territory of the entering member of the Europa Forum for at least five years prior to January 1st in the year of the competition. 
  3. "Members" are countries or states as defined in Article III - Rules of Procedures of the Europa Forum.
  4. No winner of any competition may participate in any future competition. 
  5. Each member of the Europa Forum may nominate one and only one participant for the competition. Preliminary competitions are realized in most of the participating member countries (in Lions language: Multi-District level) or in smaller regional areas (in Lions language: District levels). Detailed information about these preliminary competitions you may get on your Multi-District or District homepages. If there remain questions don´t hesitate contacting us. 
  6. The registration of the participants has to be done at the Chairman's of the Committee by June 30th in the year of the competition.  
  7. All costs of a participant attending the competition will be the responsibility of the entering member.     

B. Competition:   
1) Each participant will be required to perform: The imposed piece of a duration of approx. ten minutes and two pieces of his/her selection from a provided repertoire list. 
2) The prizes will be:
1st prize: 5.000 EUR
2nd prize: 3.000 EUR
3rd prize: 2.000 EUR  

Additional special prizes will be given, if available.

Don´t hesitate contacting us:   
Ingo Brookmann 
Chairman Lions European Musical Competition Thomas Kuti 
Country representative of Germany   
Am Schlosspark 18 
D-26789 Leer
Tel:  0049-491-71233 (office), 0049-177-5975193 (mobil) 


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