Archiv 2013

Archiv 2013

Euro Alpine Youth Alliance (EAYA)


Friday, Aug 2 – Saturday, Aug 10

Report: Arrival in Scheidegg (written by Ulrike)
Our Camp started in Scheidegg, a small village in Allgaeu, quite a lovely landscape with a view to the Allgaeu Alps and near Lake Constance. As everyone had to get to Scheidegg on its own the trip to Scheidegg was the first little adventure for our camp participants. In the course of the afternoon our guests from Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia arrived – unless the Slovenian group. They missed their train in Ljubljana in the morning and were supposed to arrive after midnight. So we got to the little station near Scheidegg and picked up five persons from the dark: our Slovenian group, including Marta, the birthday girl. We were happy to see our group for the Youth camp complete now.

Report: party (written by Marta from Slovenia)
I spent my 18th birthday travelling in a train, so my new friends decided to give me a special birthday party. They were planning it all day and I didn’t even notice it. When I came into the “party room”, with my eyes closes, everybody was quiet. So when I opened my eyes, a little birthday cake with candles was in front of me and the whole group shouted: Happy birthday, Marta. Afterwards we had much fun, “table dancing” and other interesting stuff.
I really enjoyed this party. Everybody became so much closer and we got to know each other so much better. I am really thankful and I’ll remember it my whole life.

Report: climbing (written by Adelina from Germany)
On the 4th of August 2013 we went climbing in the adrenaline park that belongs to the „Scheidegger Sportalm“. At first three guides were introducing our group in the general knowledge of climbing. Then we formed three groups in order to practice the security system. After a quite short time we dared to try some easy and also some difficult elements. It was a good opportunity to get to know each other better because this activity is based on trust. I’m sure everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed this interesting and shiny day.

Report: Canyoing (written by Kristina from Croatia)
On the 6th of August 2013 the participants or EAYA went to Reutte in Austria for canyoing and climbing. After putting on the neoprene suit and helmets we walked for about half an hour up the river. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing but we were still all sweaty after reaching the top point. We cooled off in 15 degrees cold water after the first 4 meter jump. Then we had to swim to 25 meters high waterfall where our two guides helped us rope down. It was really esciting as you were siding down, touching the rocks with your feet and the water was falling on you. I personally really liked the fact that the river itself was very clean and in some parts it had this gorgeous torquise color which reminded me of home. We did two more off cliff jumps and got to the next obstacle, an even bigger waterfall and we roped down again. Everyone was really brave and almost everyone who decided to go, successfully finished all the tasks.

Special Olympics – Background (written by Melanie from Austria)
On Monday, Aug 5th,
we went to Kempten to visit the “Allgäuer Werkstätten” where the mentally and multiple handicapped people find a place to work. There we got a tour around the place and they were so kind to invite us for a very tasty lunch.

Also, Carsten Schenk, sports coordination at Special Olympics Bavaria, held a presentation about the organization and history of Special Olympics and their Unified Sports Programme. These are some facts we got to know:

The Special Olympics were founded in 1968 by Eugene Kennedy Shrivers, whose sister was mentally handicapped.
The number of participants went from 1,000 in the year of founding to 320,000 members nowadays.
The difference between Paralympics and Special Olympics is the mental handicap in the SO-participants.
The Unified Sports Programe is an invention of Special Olympics for people with and without handicap to come together to do sports.

7th August: Special Olympics (written by Donato from Italy)
The sixth day of our camp was dedicated to one of the most important initiative whose purpose is to help mental-handicapped people through sport. This event was born in 1968 and used to have only 1000 participants, but nowadays it involves even more than 3.200.000 people. It was an honor and a pleasure for us to be able to make this people smile just through playing sports with them. Firstly we had the possibility to choose a partner in order to form a team and play several matches of stocksport, a typical Bavarian game. It was really nice to play since almost nobody of us knew how to play, so teams were really balanced and everybody could feel involved as an important part of the game. Then we finished and those who wanted could play ground hockey, and also this experience helped to increase team spirit and the collaboration between us and handicapped people. After the matches, we all went to a grill party in order to eat something together and know each other better. Many of us felt really good and pleased after this experience and we really hope to repeat it soon.

To be continued