Bericht Dr. Mamwase Shamiim

Ausbildung in Uganda geht weiter trotz Unterbrechungen durch Corona-Pandemie Bericht Dr. Mamwase Shamiim

Dr. Shamiim am Operationsmikroskop

Unsere Stipendiatin - Frau Dr. Shamiim berichtet über den Fortgang ihrer Ausbildung. Inzwischen konnte sie ihre operativen Fähigkeiten ausbauen und operiert bereits selbständig z.B. Katarakte - eine der häufigsten Gründe für Blindheit auch junger Menschen in Afrika. 

Sie berichtet, dass auch ihre Universität und damit ihre Ausbildung von der Corona-Pandemie betroffen ist. Wir wünschen ihre weiterhin viel Erfolg in ihrer Ausbildung und werden sie bis zu ihrem erfolgreichen Abschluss in ca. drei Jahren weiterhin unterstützen.

Auszug aus dem Bericht Dr. Schamiim:

In the Eye department we continued with our tutorials and clinical skills. We wrote our exams about 3 weeks ago and results are still pending. Well in the beginning of the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, there was no means of transport and I was staying quite far from the hospital so I used to walk to the hospital every day for about an hour. I would reach just in time because patients’ number had also reduced so we would close early and I was in time to walk back home. However, this pushed me to relocate to a place near the hospital last month.
The pandemic period has helped me advance in my surgical skills and have learnt more since at the department level, our senior colleagues and lecturers have had more time with us especially one on one learning. However in 1st year we study Microbiology and Pathology from the University with other residents from different departments so we have not been able to complete them yet due to the closure of the University.