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1st of April - 31st of May 2024!


Lions Move for the Planet

A fun community activity! An activity where everyone can take part - young and old, Leo/Lions member or not, healthy and handicapped at any location in the city, in the countryside, in the forest and water. An activity that costs almost nothing - just a little time and a small participation fee.

Move and do something charitable in a sustainable way?

Fundraising runs have been organised by individual Lions Clubs for years. Therefore you were always able to take part in regional campaigns. Move for the planet is similar but differs nevertheless – we take the power of the Leos and Lions in Germany and Europe and bundle it to create something new and powerful.
With Move for the Planet, a new sustainable commitment is being established. Because participation in this activity does not only benefits one's own health, but also the environment.

We also cordially invite Lions and Leos from other countries to join our Move for the Planet. Together we can move more!

Review Move for the Planet 2022

On the 1st of April, Move for the Planet enters the next round! Time to draw a conclusion to the first Move! Here is the proud result of the first Move for the Planet in the Lions year 2021/2022:  

The Move in spring 2022 was able to register 1,707 participants  from 14 nations. A remarkable number, especially if you imagine that the people had all started moving at the same time. To accommodate individual preferences as well as lingering Corona fears, everyone could run, walk, swim, bike or wheelchair then and there, wherever he or she wanted.

In consideration of the 52,000 Lions in Germany, there is still "room for improvement" in the result, but it is still respectable: more than 21,600 euros were paid into the donation account by the 1,335 adults and 372 children/youths, including many Leos, in addition to more than 6,000 euros in Move donations, which were received directly by the Foundation of the German Lions (SDL). The costs were covered by the participants' voluntary transaction costs and contributions of 300 euros each from the participating districts, so that all participant contributions went to the projects. The donation amounts in detail are listed below in the 2022 project presentations.

Many thanks to all who participated!

The feedback showed fun, good humor and the joy of joint action. Unimagined potentials were raised e.g. by a Lions friend from the LC Neumünster, who motivated 64 friends and acquaintances to participate in a perceived "mobility boost". Through a well-traveled Lions friend from Kappeln, who recruited Move-Walkers in Australia - in addition to family, sports friends and colleagues on site. By a young teamer from Lüneburg, who convinced a whole confirmation group to commit themselves as a community team for the Move. In addition, there were forest tours and club walks, sponsored school classes and company teams, family outings and golf tournaments for the benefit of the Move.

By the way, the Move team invites all international lions districts to join the move!
For more information please contact Annette Brand at:

Let's move together!

Take the family with you! Climate protection concerns us all. | Brand
Lions Clubs International President Douglas X. Alexander joined the Move for the Planet during his visit to Germany on the 1st of April. | T. Steinke
An activty for everyone- at any age | AdobeStock
An Activity for All - City Walk | Holtgreve
Together is more fun | Renner

What is Move for the Planet?

The Lions Move for the Planet is a decentralised fundraising run that takes place in all districts in Germany and abroad during the same period. We Lions and Leos want to motivate thousands of people to get moving for more sustainability.

How does the Lions Move work?

For a participation fee of 10 € - or more - (children, youth and Leos 5 €), the participants decide what kind of exercise they want to do: swim 500 metres, jog 5 km, walk 10 km or cycle 20 km. Participants not only decide how they want to exercise, but also where and when they want to exercise within a given period of four weeks. Lions, Leos and Clubs and all others are of course free to arrange to exercise together.

As far as the Corona pandemic allows, Lions and Leo clubs will organise joint running, cycling or swimming events in individual regions.

The route and type of exercise are freely chosen. We recommend

  • to swim 500 metres

  • ride 1 km in a wheelchair,

  • jog 5 km,

  • 10 km walking or hiking or

  • to cycle 20 km.

There will be no control or timing of the sporting performance. Participant registration and payment will be handled by Race Result, a professional and highly experienced running event provider. We call on all participants to motivate their personal network to participate.

In addition to the participation fee, more can of course be donated via the same payment method. Participants decide for themselves which of the five environmental projects presented should receive the money.

What is the goal?

The aim is to get as many people as possible moving under the "Lions-Leo-Flag" for the topics of sustainability and environment. Registration fees and donations should raise a lot of money for selected environmental protection projects and sustainably advance projects. The Lions Move for the Planet is planned to take place every year with an increasing number of participants and increasingly internationally.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone who wants to get moving for climate protection and support us. Regardless of age, gender, nationality or place of residence. The decisive factor is the registration per person via the central portal, which is available in German and English.

When and where?

The Lions Move will take place again in spring 2023, prospectively from April 01 to May 31, 2023. Swimming, jogging, walking or cycling must be done during this time, no matter where. The registration portal will be opened in time before the start.

Where does the participation fee go?

There are selected projects to choose from, which are still being decided. Participants will then decide for themselves where they want to do good and where the participant's contribution and, if applicable, an additional donation should go to.

Overview of the projects

The Move for the Planet serves UN Goal #13 "Action for Climate Protection". Each Move participant can decide which project to support with their participation fee: reforestation, swamp-renaturalization and CO2-efficient stoves!

These projects were supported in 2022:

Integrated project with trees, bushes and flowering meadows. For every tree planted in Hesse, Stiftunglife also plants a tree in Mexico.

Project informatioin Reforestratopn Bad Salzschlirf (German only)
Website of our partner Stiftunglife (German and English)

Tree planting on a challenging slope - important erosion protection. 150 volunteers for the planting campaign under competent guidance in autumn 2022 are expressly sought.

Project information Reforestation Schliersee
addtional information for volunteers
Website of our partners

(German only)

The landscape has suffered greatly as a result of lignite mining. In the "Niederlausitzer Landrücken" nature park, disturbed peatland ecosystems are to be restored.

Project information peatland restoration
Website of our partner "We want Moor"

(German only)

Each cooking stove used saves 3 tonnes of CO2 per year and halves wood consumption. Respiratory diseases are avoided, especially among women and children. The stoves are produced locally and cost about 33 euros each.

Project Website (German only)

A tree planting campaign in currently three federal states in German state, city and municipal forests in cooperation with the local forestry offices. The project is managed by a family that pays special attention to ensuring that the donated trees serve sustainable, long-term reforestation and do not fall victim to cultivation or recycling.

Project information "Reforestation in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hesse and Bavaria (in German and Englisch)
Website of our partner "Planet Tree"

All downloads - Move for the Planet

Join in!

Here you can download flyers, posters and materials to help you support Move for the Planet! If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Move team at:

Flyer Move for the Planet (GE)
​​​​​​​Flyer Move for the Planet (EN)
​​​​​​​Flyer Move for the Planet (FRA)
​​​​​​​Presentation Move for the Planet (GE)
​​​​​​​Presentation Move for the Planet (EN) coming soon

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Ihr Move-Team freut sich auf Sie!